As information becomes more readily available, files continue to grow larger, copies proliferate and the tasks of document management become more expensive and time consuming. ITS, Inc. can provide your company with a document imaging solution that will offer the following advantages and benefits :

  1. Minimize Paper Storage
  1. Eliminate Manual Searches
  1. Improve Information Availability
  1. Increase Information Security
  1. Reduce Storage Costs
  1. Enhance Customer Service

1.    Minimize Paper Storage

Ninety percent of the documents handled daily in the workplace are still on paper. In the average office 19 copies are made of each document, and roughly $20 is spent on labor for filing each document.

FlexSoft Solutions can convert files to a digital format, reducing document storage space up to 80%. Approximately one filing cabinet can be recorded on a single optical platter. Not only is storage space minimized, but access to “filed” documents is greatly improved.

2.    Eliminate Manual Searches

Searching for documents is time consuming. Fifteen percent of needed documents are “out of file” or misplaced; 7.5% are lost completely. Thirty percent of the work day is spent searching for files. Electronic Document Management can provide an immediate response to a query, by-passing the long process of a paper search. Eliminating the manual search can enhance customer service, which helps you offer customers faster response times.

For example, a car dealer performs a vehicle inspection and is missing a key. The dealer calls the manufacturer to get a key number so a new key can be made for the car. The manufacturer will then need to search through the files for the car that matches the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to provide the key information to the dealer. This search could take several days. If the files were stored digitally, the dealer could call the manufacturer and provide the VIN number of the car, which could be entered into the search field. The dealer can get the information almost immediately, greatly enhancing customer service. The manufacturer could even allow dealers to dial into their system to retrieve unrestricted information.

3.    Improve Information Availability

Imaging solutions can grow from a single user to multiple users across the organization. With digital imaging, it is no longer necessary to shuffle files from one desk to another. People working in different departments, areas, or locations can all have access to the same information through their computers. Images are decentralized, and therefore more easily and readily accessible.

Through the use of FlexSoft Solutions designed software, you have the ability to open and view several files at the same time. If a file you are working with is needed by another coworker, you can email the file to them, reducing the file search more.

4.    Increase Information Security

Security of your information is achieved on many levels. Access to information is secure and available only to authorized personnel through the use of virtual private networks. Through the use of FlexSoft Solutions software, access to information can be controlled down to an individual document within the file, giving individuals access only to the information that is directly relevant to their job.

Electronic Document Management can provide another form of security through “disaster recovery.” Once the data is converted to digital format, a backup copy is stored in a disaster recovery vault. The customer is only charged a fee if and when it becomes necessary to use the backup to recover lost information. If disaster should occur, FlexSoft Solutions can have you in operation again within a few hours, eliminating costly downtime.

5.    Reduce Storage Costs

The cost of filling and maintaining a filing cabinet is staggering. There are costs associated with equipment, space, and the salaries it takes to maintain the filing cabinet. A four drawer filing cabinet holds 15,000 to 20,000 pieces of paper. It costs $5,000 to fill the cabinet and $500 a year to maintain it. One filing cabinet of information can be held on a single optical platter, about twice the size of a CD case you have in your music collection.

For legal reasons, some documents may need to be stored for a period of years. FlexSoft Solutions can provide you with options for off-site storage of paper documents as part of an imaging contract.

6.    Enhance Customer Service

A document management system can empower your company members with the ability to locate and retrieve documents instantaneously. Allow your employees to immediately respond to customer questions and inquiries with limited downtime. FlexSoft Solutions can provide your company with a document management solution that will insure instant access to document information – eliminating time delays, confusion and misinformation which frustrate your company’s valued customers